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Upcoming Events
in our Parishes and Community 

Monday November 20 6PM

Christian Women’s Society  

Meet in the Chapel at 6 pm to recite the Rosary. The meeting and refreshments will follow downstairs. All women of the parish are welcome to come pray with us & attend the gathering downstairs.

Holy Rosary Pierogi workers will be selling pierogi (potato only) for $ 7.00 a dozen. Deadline for orders is Nov 27th. Call Cindy to place your order. Pickup date is Sunday Dec 3rd after the 11 am Mass.


Upcoming Council Meetings


Pastoral Council   

Catechetical Council    

Parish Life Council   

Finance Council   


Liturgical Council    

Social Justice Council    

The "Curative Companions" program, operated by Catholic Social Services in Scranton, is a program that allows veterans and other traumatized persons living in Catholic Social Services housing and shelters to heal and thrive through the love of a therapeutic pet. Many homeless veterans experience PTSD as a result of their service in the military, and a dog or a cat provides companionship that is a great help to these individuals. Saint Francis Commons in Scranton, a facility which assists veterans experiencing homelessness, is currently home to at least six emotional support animals. There are several other veterans who have inquired about the possibility of having an animal.

The Christian Women Society of Holy Rosary parish is having a raffle to raise money for the Curative Companions program so additional veterans might be able to rescue a pet and/or help with expenses such as food and veterinary bills. The value of the raffle prizes range in value from $150 to $500.

Raffle tickets can be purchased for $5 each or 5 for $20. When you purchase a raffle ticket, you can choose which of the five prizes you would like to win, similar to a basket raffle. Prizes can be viewed in the vestibule area starting next weekend.

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